Tonight I had invited my hubby out for dinner. I had heard really amazing things about  restaurant L’imperatore and last week my parents went. As some of you may know my father taught me to cook so when he recommends a restaurant – I go:-)

So tonight Hubby and I went to restaurant L’imperatore. It is a very cozy place and we were greated by the owner Armando. A genuine great guy with a true passion for italian food.

We started of with the mussel soup – amazing silky soft and full of taste mussels in a broth with tomato. The taste was so intense and deep. The mussels were from the Limfjord. Armando told me that they make the broth of shrimp shells and shellfish which get to simmer for a long time and then the broth were added very fresh parsley and reduced tomato sauce. The combination of the very intense broth and the tomato was nothing short of heaven on earth.


The next course were fine de claires oysters. Extremely fresh and served with lemon I love oysters and every day restaurant L’imperatore has a happy hour on oysters. 10 kr each for an oyster. I would love to stop by for two oysters and a glass of white wine some day.

Hubby and I then got very intrigued. At the table almost next to us a couple had ordered the fish of the day and it was parrot fish! It was served whole and looked so scrumptious and tasty. I am having that next time!

Furthermore Armando told me that they sometimes serve sea urchins. I LOVE sea urchins – freshly caught jut opened and with a slice of bread – heaven to me.

La piece de resistance was a seafood platter – be still my heart. amazingly fresh seafood. Lobster, crayfish,  norway lobsters, giant shrimps, crabs and normal shrimps. It was amazing and the taste was fresh and aromatic. Armando told me that the seafood had been boiled in really salted water and then grilled at great heat with oil and chili. The salt and the grill taste was so satisfying.

After having finished such a lavishing dinner we felt the urge for a good cup of coffee and a digestive. Since we are both grappa lovers we asked what the best was. Armando makes his own grappa with figue or apricots. We had the one with figues and is was really good. Soft and smooth with a lovely lingering taste og dried figues.

If you are in Copenhagen then I can only recommend going to L’imperatore. It is a great restaurant with sublime food and a cozy atmosphere.