As those of you who read my posts will have noticed I am now trying to focus 100% on food and private dining instead of being a legal advisor.

So lucky for me my good friend Christina Egelund asked me to make her birthday dinner.

We talked a lot about what she would like to have and ended up with this menu:


crispy rye bread with a duck rillette with tarragon, lemon and garlic dressed with a 30 year old balsamico and some sorrel.

Quail eggs with mushroom mayonnaise with serrano ham and chervil.


ovenbaked cod placed og a bit of steamed spinach with a sauce nage and garnished with red sorrel and dill.

Main course:

beef wellington made with venison and served with a pomme anna, butter and thyme steamed carrots and a port wine glace.

For dessert a decomposed tarte au citron – a halved lemon filled with lemon cream and placed on a bed of crumble with a top of meringue.