I was asked to to a “take away ” lunch for food friends in Charlottenlund. The had asked for a christmas lunch but with a twist and with some new tastes. A lot of small dishes. The food was delivered at the door and the hostes plated the food themselves. Pictures are kindly taken by the hosts.

I made:

Heering marinated in christmas beer with cloves, cardamom, star anis and served with fresh onion rings and dill with fresh rye bread and butter.

Baby lettuce leaves with boiled quail eggs and rimmed salmon with chervil mayonnaise

Duck rillette made with shallot onions, garlic, tarragon, basil, and lemon served with crisped rye bread chips.

Slow cooked porc ribbed roast marinated in maple syrup, cinnamon and licorice served with a fresh salad og thinly slice green apple, fennel and fresh green cabbage.

Homemade patties filled with chicken salad with celery, fresh green apple, tarragon, chervil and mushroom mayonnaise.

Redwine poached pears served with the wine syrup and a cardamom ice-cream.

So if you are in the need for a cozy evening with some friends and just want to concentrate about your friends then call me and I will cater for you in your house or I will come with the food – and you can yourself plate it and enjoy the evening without a chef in the kitchen.