A couple a weeks ago my food club friends and I went to Restaurant Jordnær .

I had read about the Restaurant and I was very excited to try it. The Restaurant is situated in Gentofte in side Hotel Gentofte. Gentofte Hotel is an older hotel with a sort of outdated look, but very cozy. We looked a bit after the entrance to the restaurant and saw a very clean frosted glass door with a tree on it. We entered and were greeted by a smiling petit woman who very professionally seated us and offered us a glass of champagne. The restaurant is one big room and the decor was very simple and with clean lines. Obviously the style was nordic and minimalistic but in my opinion it lacked som warmth of some kind. Everything was very neat and beautiful but some more candles or even some carpets would have made the room seem less cold. Foodwise you can choose between a 3, 5 og 7 course dinner. Our waiter who was also the sommelier has such a fun way to present the menus. She said that if we chose the 3 course dinner we would miss out on a lot of dishes and if we chose the 5 course we would miss out a few dishes but if we chose the 7 course menu we would be able to taste all the amazing dishes.

However we chose the 3 course menu since it was only a tuesday:)

As appetizers we had 4 servings. A small pouch of daikon with crab meat, an amazing tiny cucumber bowl with cremefraiche and oscietra caviar and 3  gillardeau oysters with buttermilk, horseradish, small bullets of swede with a dill oil and last but not least a tuna caught in Danish waters, brushed with soy and honey and grilled lightly with a gas burner. Everything was accompanied by a wonderful tasting bread made from a sourdough from oatmeals.

The oysters were amazing and at first I was concerned that you would not be able to taste the oysters because of the horseradish, but the mild salty taste came across beautifully.

The cucumber with caviar was also very tasty and the tuna was in a league of its own.


All in all we were all excited about the coming menu.

The host Tina Kragh Vildgaard is married to the chef  Eric Kragh Vildgaard. The two of them run the restaurant and they do it very well. There is nothing but professionalism from both of them and also a big commitment to the place and the food. No doubt the restaurant is driven by passion for the food and for the wish to make dining there a sublime experience.

The first course we had was monkfish with a foam of cockles and garnished with onions and garlic. the taste was so delicate and soft and the fish was perfect.  We had glass of white wine for this dish.

The next dish was wild duck with duck sauce, baked beetroot, sorrel and truffle puré with slices of truffle. The dish had such a deep full-bodied  taste and the truffle, sorrel and duck was a match made in heaven. We had a lovely glass of redwine for this dish.

The last dish – the piece de la resistance – was fresh goat yoghurt on at wild thyme oil and topped with the most blue, sweet and fresh blueberries decorated with little horn violets.  Eric the chef told us, that he and Tina had been gathering blueberries in the forest with their kids and they saw wild thyme and suddenly they saw som goats and the idea for the dessert came to him.  Such a masterpiece.

We finished the evening with a cup of coffee and some delicious and warm madeleines and some other delicious cakes bit size.

The whole experience was amazing and the service was flawless. the food was innovative and expressed the the couples wish to use ecological produce which is also sustainable .

Restaurant Jordnær may be a bit of the beaten track if in copenhagen but it is definently worth it!!

Amazing people with a deep passion making a wonderful dinner experience with an impeccable service and great exciting food.