When visiting my parents I always love to rummage around the kitchen making new dishes and just being happy cooking.

This time on request from my sister who asked “can you make that dish you once did with the sauce with the fresh cob corns) I made a light summer dish with new danish potatoes, fresh lettuce and baby carrots and of course cob corns.


1 small baby romaine salat

4 small baby carrots

4 new danish potatoes small

1 cobcorn (you can use tinned also)

200 grams of butter

2 dl fish stock

1,5 dl white wine vinegar

2,5 dl white wine

sprigs of tarragon and rosemary

I started out making a classic sauce nage. Put two onions cut in slices, and two carrots cut in slices in a pan and sauté them in a small amount of butter until the onions are transparent. pour in 2,5 dl white wine and 1,5 dl white wine vinegar and 2 dl fish stock in the pan and let it reduce by 1/3. I added som sprigs of tarragon.

Add 200 grams of butter to the pan and just let the liquid roll over the butter. Do not whisk. If you whisk the sauce will not be all shiny and glossy. Then ad the raw corns of one cob and let them get al dente in the sauce.

Now boil your new potatoes. I made this dish for 4 persons and I used on potato for each person (it was a starter), then quickly blanche the 4 lettuce leaves, just until the soften, the must not get all mushy. Blanch the carrots and the assembly the dish. Put the carrots and potatoes in the bottom og a deep plate and dress with the sauce with lots of corns and put the lettuce leaf on top. The garnish with sprigs of tarragon and rosemary. Summer on a plate!