Yesterday my foodclub consisting of my two best girlfriends visited Restaurant Palægade. The visit was a birthday present to one of the girls.

The restaurant is placed in the middle of the center of Copenhagen in a small cozy street. The outside of the restaurant looks a bit like a french bistro with colored lightbulbs.

When entering we were welcomed by a very inviting atmosphere and a very sweet waiter.

The room is a bit dark but with a very retro decoration and has a nice ambience. The evening we visited there were only 4 tables with was occupied. No doubt the restaurant would have been even more cozy with more people but still the room has a calmness that makes you feel at home.

The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner.

The waiter brought us sparkling water and the menus. The menu cart has more classical dishes with a twist for lunch such as open sandwiches and some warm dishes such as duck confit.

The evening cart gives the opportunity to go for a menu of 3 dishes with wine and mineral water for 750 kr. It also has a la carte. We chose to go a la carte.

We started with the 3 appetizers which was


  • From the bottom a little dish with small wafer thin crackers with a beef tartar in the middle which had been slightly grilled and garnished with a onion peel and some sorrel. The taste was amazing and the beef was very tasteful. The combination of the thin crackers and the beef and the mayonnaise topping was a great combination
  • In the middle a small patty made of veal topped with a mayonnaise dressing I think and a rolled thin slice of carrot. This was a most ordinary appetizer of the 3 but very tasty
  • From the top a small chips made from scallop and tapioka and topped with raw cod with som herbs. This was amazing.

We are all fish lovers, so for our first course we chose citrus salted salmon with vodka, fennel immature peaches, dill mayo and a crunchy crouton. I expected the salmon to be more citrus tasting but the salmon was very mild in the taste. However it was silky smooth and paired perfectly with the fennel and the peaches. The crouton gave a good contrast to the soft salmon and the rich mayo.


FullSizeRender-16We all chose white wine, two of us chose a sancerre and the third a chardonnay. Having the sancerre I can only say it complemented the dish very well. Our very accommodating and skilled waiter told us the wine would go great with the main dish we had chosen which was fried walleye with leeks, baby onions and creamy mussel sauce. The dish was so tasty and the fried fish and the mussel sauce just complemented each other beautifully. Unfortunately We were so caught up in the experience, that none of us took a picture! Just not alright but a welcomed opportunity to return:-) .

None of us had room for dessert. Our waiter had asked us when he seated us if we wanted a drink and since we all hd to drive none of us were able to drink at drink and wine. But we saw that they had a Danish cocktail called “Flyversjus” which is a well known drink but none of us had tried it. We asked the waiter how the drink was made because we were curious and sweet as he was he brought us at the end of the meal a Flyversjus with 3 straws:) Such a fun gesture and a very kind gift. The drink was super fresh and surprising since it contained schnapps.

We had a great evening and every dish was perfect in presentation, taste and combinations. It is seldom that I visit a place where every dish is so great.

Next time I am planning to go there for lunch. I have heard great thinks about their lunch and of course I have to try it.