On december the 6th 2016 my husband and I hosted a pop up event for charity for the Danish charity organisation “julehjælpen” which supports Danish families which cannot afford to give their family and kids a christmas eve. The money provides the families with a proper meal and gifts for the children. We also gathered old toys to donate to a church who gives them away to children who does not have as much as other children. The reason for the pop up event arose from a conversation with my 5 year old who could not grasp the fact that some kids did not get christmas gifts or got to spend a nice christmas evening. I wanted to teach my kids that we are not all fortunate and that we need to show kindness and help in any way we can.

So I wanted to make a social event which showed how people can gather and help.

I decided to make pulled pork with green kale slaw and homemade buns.  Each participant could buy a bun with pulled pork and a glass of wine or beer for kr. 75. If wanted one could donate as much as they liked.

I contacted my butcher Vangedeslagteren who was so kind and donated all the meat. Another good friend of mine donated beer and one of my friends who sells wine donated red wine.

I was greatly inspired by Gastromand and those guys just get it right!!! Their recipes was great.

I started out two days before rubbing the meat with a mixture of salt, sugar, paprika, cayenne pepper, barbecue and cumin. The meat rested with the rub over night then it went into the oven for 12 hours at a 110 celcius degrees.

2016-12-07 00.18.51

To accompany the meat I chopped a lot of green kale and carrots and mixed them with a marinade made from sweet mustard, applecidervinegar, salt, sugar, ground cumin and pepper. Let it marinate for about an hour. Pour the marinade from the vegetables and mix them with a dressing made of creme fraiche, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and sugar.

2016-12-07 00.18.25


The buns were made from the recipe Gastromand uses

It kept raining all day and I was mildly worried that no one would show up because it was cold and wet AND outside, but we covered for the rain and put up patio heaters and a whole lot of people showed up. Christmas music was playing and we hade decorated with a lot of light chains and garden torches. I was so touched by the kindness of them all and their willingness to get together in the rain to support charity. We raised 8.000 Danish Kr. and they all went to Julehjælpen.

I would have loved to show a lot of pictures but it was december, evening and rainy – needless to say most pictures were awful, but here is some that was good:



All in all it was a great evening and I owe thanks to all of you wonderful kind people who participated and donated. It could not have been such a magical wedding day, december evening or social event without you! A special thanks to www.vangedeslagteren.dk for the meat and  for your kindness,   www.weinhaus.dk and  Casper Leiholt Olsen  for bringing the wine and the lovely company of you and your son, Jens Laage Olsen who brought the beer and the great company of you and your son and last but not least my in-laws who entertained the children and watched them while we were busy handing out food and wine.

Same place  – same time – next year and then we will make 20.000 danish kroner!!!