November the 13th @baloui (Sigrid Toft) and I hosted our first pop up dinner. We were so lucky to to have our pop up dinner at a very special wineshop called Vintro in Ravnsborggade in Copenhagen. The place is owned by a warmhearted and generous man called Iakob who has a great passion for wine and loves to talk about wine. Just look at him – passionate to the tip of his fingers!


He has a super cool guy called Gustav working in the wineshop. Gustav is a genuine great guy with a huge knowledge of wine and he makes a mean quince jam. Gustav is the one with the Scarf. If you are ever in Copenhagen and have a craving for a good bottle of wine and a cool relaxed atmosphere go to Vintro at Ravnsborggade. Those guys will blow your mind with their knowledge and way of making you feel welcome.

pop-up-vintro-77A lot of preparation went into this pop up and finally the menu was ready.


  • rabbit rillette with lemon, tarragon and foie gras. A slice of game pate with thyme pickled onions and caper berries
  • Red cale sorbet
  • Boeuf Bourguignon with crisp bacon and cous cous salad
  • Green apple sorbet
  • Comté cheese flakes with crisp rye chips, quincemarmelade and sugar pickled apricots

Sigrid and I had styled the table according to the season and we put a lot of effort into it. pop-up-vintro-16




We started out with a little snack a little cale ravioli with oysters remoulade. To this Iakob and Gustav served a Spanish cava “Mar Salada” – a splash of bubbles like the sea – perfect for the oysters. The next snack I made was boiled quail eggs with porcini mayonnaise with iberic ham and topped with chervil which was served with a champagne from Charpentier extra brut. They complemented each other amazingly.


Then we moved on to the first dish which was rabbit rillette. To this Iakob and Gustav served a Grand Pré Beaujolais  – Fleurie Spacial.


The rillette was accompagnied with amazing bread baked by Sigrid.

Nex dish was a little palate cleanser – a red cale sorbet with lime. Just a little gimmick and it had a lovely color and a very fine and fleeing taste of cale.


For the main dish I had made boeuf bourguignon from ox jaws and they had a lovely time in the oven for about 5 hours so they were melting on the tongue but still with some bite. They were served with crisp bacon and a cous cous salad with spring onions and lots of fresh herbs. It was all served with some gorgeous and very tasty bread Sigrid had made. Iakob and Gustav had chosen to serve a Coteaux Bourguignon from Henri Richard. The wine matched perfectly with some edge to the dark rich meat.


After all that scrumptious beef and sauce it was time for another palate cleanser. I had made a green apple sorbet with lemon to give som freshness.

Then we headed for the cheese. When making the menu I had an image in my head of shavings of cheese piled up and served with sugar pickled apricots and rye chips. It just so happened that the day we came to do our pop up Gustav from Vintro had made a beautiful smooth quince marmelade and Gustav gave it to us for the cheese. So the cheese had good company:-)


The cheese was a comté and was accompagnied bravely by a wine called  Rochelle from Pascal Lambert. It it not often you get white wine for cheese but this one was more than a match and surprised all the guests.

After the dinner we surprised our guests with a glass of Asoleo from Marenas in Andalusia. The guest were shown down a hidden old wine cellar where they were served coffee, tea and heavenly cakes made by Sigrid. Sigrid makes cakes that will make you forget time and place. One was a chocolate fondant  with chocolate/rum cream sprinkled with gold dust and the other was a almond cake with white chocolate and licorice.




We had a great experience and we got to really spoil our guests and give them a hopefully great evening with good food, amazing wine and some gorgeous surroundings.

I will make a blog post with the recipes later this week. There will also be some stories about the produce and prices on the wine etc.

Next pop up dinner will hopefully be January 21, 2017.