This is an amazing side dish or even a main dish. I love Coco de Paimpol beans. I was lucky to get my hands of some and I made this dish which I hope you will try. I had a nice big bag about 500g.

Take the beans from the pods and put them in  a liter of salted water with a splash of veal stock. Add bayleaves, thyme and a handfull of bacon cubes and 3 cloves of garlic. Let it all boil until the beans are tender and soft but not mushy.



Strain the beans and cool them of. Chop up a handfull of cavalo nero and put in boiling water for just a minute then put he cale in icy water to stop the boiling and twist it to get all the water of. Place the cale on a lovely plate and put the beans on top. The break up the burrata and place it on the beans. Drizzle with som good oliveoil and enjoy!