When I last week visited Bornholm we visited the restaurant  Christianshøjkroen which is idyllic placed on Christianshøj. Christianshøj carries its name as a memory of a royal event when the Danish Prince Christian Frederik, later named Christian the 8th visited Bornholm. A big folke festival was held in the woods and it was quite the event because Bornholm had not had a royal visit since 1686 when Christian the 5th consecrated the newlybuild fortress at Christiansø.

Forester Hans Rømer had a vooden pavilion made for the festival and it was later on replaced with a house which today is Christianshøjkro.

So not only is the place filled with history but is it also quite idyllic and peaceful.

We had amazing weather so we were lucky to be able to sit outside basking in the sun.



Christianshøjkroens chef is Troels who is cooking tastfull gorgeous food with respect for the nature of Bornholm and uses local fresh produce.

At Christianshøjkroen you have multiple choices for lunch and dinner. We had made reservation for lunch. The menu says that the restaurant changes parts of the menu on a daily basis. So you can choose different dishes for 90 kr. The waiter recommended that we chose 2 or 3 dishes each. You can also choose several menus composed by the chef. We chose “Rø plantage menu” which is 4 dishes for 250 kr. per person. We all had local beers but unfortunately no snaps.


The first dish we had was a lovely heering dish with boiled potatoes, a marinated hearing filet and some herb mayonnaise sprinkled with bacon from Hallegård (se my post about Hallegård on the blog). The dish was so well composed and each component completed each other. It actually tasted so good that I did not get a picture before jumping right in..

Next dish was also so good that I did not get a picture – I know it is quite embarrasing but the dish was memorable indeed. It was baked cod in a sauce nage with fresh corn. The fresh taste of cod with the combination of butter and vinegar in the sauce with the sweetness of the corn was very good. It was such a clean and crisp taste and a dish I am looking forward to trying to copy soon.

The third dish I have pictures of:-)



It was slightly salted bird with cale and spring onions and a herny sauce. The bird was moist and succulent and the cale brought the dish som edge and the spring onion som sharpness.

Last dish was a dessert with a combination of chocolate, oreobiscuits and blackberries. Our waiter was busy and forgot to tell us was was on the plate but thats was ok because he had been nothing but accommodating and very nice to us serving everything else.



Good desserts are waisted on me so I had a plate of cheese instead with 3 different cheeses and some buttered homebaked ryebread served with som tart compote og blackberries.



For all the dishes they served great homebaked bread and butter mixed with buttermilk. We all had local beers and the kids had lovely dishes like danish meatballs with veggies and roasted potatoes and butterfried sole with veggies and potatoes. I was impressed and happy about he childrens food because it is so rare to find honest good food for kids on restaurants and here it was good decent non nonsense food with not a hint of frying oil.

If you find yourself at Bornholm then book a table at Christianshøjkroen which also serves dinner.

The chef does an amazing job producing tasty dishes based on local produce. The place is beautiful and it is absolutely worth a visit.