OBS Dette indlæg er på engelsk, da jeg gerne vil give Originario en mulighed for at læse mit indlæg også:-). Jeg har fået lov til at give dem af jer der læser dette 10 % på køb af produkter fra Originario. Bare skriv “FOODALISCIOUS” i discount kode feltet ved bestilling:-)!!!

One night when I was doing my usual evening foodgoogling looking for italian specialities, my eye caught the website of Originario . I was intrigued by their concept which is;

“At originàrio we have a vision; to bring rare and authentic products crafted by some of Italy’s most skillful artisans to passionate food and wine lovers. As a team we thrive on seeking out little-known producers for inclusion in our Tasting Boxes and ensure we meet each and every one at exactly where the product is created. Whether that’s the snow-topped peaks of the Aurina Valley in Northern Italy or the sea-facing sloping hills of Sicily – discovering everything there is to know about where the food and drink originates and the individuals who make it, is the very foundation from which originàrio was born.”

Their Manifest is as follows:

“There is incredible food and wine that you never knew existed. Unfortunately, it’s also nearly impossible for many extraordinary products to be exported to the number of customers it deserves. But originàrio is making this happen, by enabling this food and drink to be delivered straight to people’s doors. Not only this, originàrio tells you the story of the products; detailing everything about the craftspeople involved in its creation and where it originates.In other words it is clear that they have made a big effort in promoting special and authentic produce and wine from Italy”.

I think that it is admirable that Originario seeks to bring focus on these special made wines and foods because in a modern age like the one we live in we often turn to supermarkets and online shopping so that our everyday can be easier and our days less stress filled. However there is also a presumption that we as humans keep getting more and more allergies and problems  caused by mass produced food with too much sugar, salt and E-numbers. By promoting small producers Originario also promotes food with less mucking about. Food and wine made with love and passion and with respect for traditions and good raw material.

The team behind Orginario is a mix of people such as Sissi Semprini with a history as a communication expert, Roberta Corradin editor in chief and restaurant owner, Luca chef and agronomist, Federico Cagnoni director of Originarios shortfilm etc., Francesca Moscheni is visual photo editor in chief and Luca Baldeshi gourmandexplorer. A team which has great passion for what they do and an openmind to the the concept they embrace.

It so happens that it was my birthday last monday and as I had fallen in love with all the tasting boxes from Originario my only problem was how to choose. Sissi was very kind and advised me to take the picnic box since I ordered it friday for delivery monday. The reason being that for example fish items could  go bad in the box over the weekend when not stored cold properly. So I chose the Picnic box and I was so happy to receive it monday at lunch. Rushing to open the packet I pulled out one after the other


tasty looking food item and wine. The box contained Aeolian antipasti mix with different types of caper berries and green olives, dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, celery, garlic, wild fennel seeds, oregano and chili pepper. Preserved artichokes in brine: water, Pigato wine, white wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of cane sugar, The Pasqualora sausage, spiced with wild fennel, Caciocavallo Barricato cheese, Pillu Bread which is baked according to the traditional method in a wood-fired oven, Paccheri pasta, Grape tomato sauce- low in acidity and high in natural sweetness, this pasta sauce proves that the tomato is indeed a fruit, Raspberry Jam and Sbrisolona Cake -a typical cake from Mantua, which dates back to the seventeenth century. This dessert, which is not to be cut but instead broken by hand, will crumble in your palm and delight your day. Two bottles of wine; Cascinaronchi M.C. Quarticello 2012 – this sparkling white is an ode to the flavours of grapefruit, with a slightly bitter finish and Lambrusco Reggiano Rosso 2014 -a sparkling, dry red wine made from three native grape varieties (Marani, Salamino, and Oliva) plus Ancellotta and Malbo Gentile.

We started off with some antipasta:


The crisp bread with the antipasti mix was a wonderful treat and the family was excited to taste it. The sausage had a wonderful deep deep flavour of pork and seasoning. But the hero and big time winner was the artichokes. They tasted so fresh and crisp and the brine had a lovely round yet zesty taste. We had the lambrusco with the above mentioned food and it suited well but I actually think we should have had the sparkling white wine. It would have matched the food better.

As Primi I cooked the pasta as advised on the package and made a sauce of chopped onions, garlic and some of the sausage from the antipasti diced and some lamb culotte also diced. Then I added portobello mushrooms in slices and lovage. After having roasted it all I cooked of the pan with a bit of grappa. Then I topped with some beef broth and green olives. The grape tomato sauce from Originario was added and when the pasta was finished it was tossed into the sauce and sprinkled with  some extra lovage leaves. The result was this very tasty pasta with the lamb sauce which tasted sweet from the tomato sauce but had a kick from the olives, and the lovage.


We had red wine for the pasta.

We did not have secondi but went straight to the cheese which we had with pumpernickel. The cheese had an interesting taste which is hard to describe but it had a hint of wine and was soft with crisp crystals. It was very fulfilling and kept revealing new subtle tastes in the mouth.


For dessert we had the amazing sbrislona cake which tasted lovely and had a taste of caramel. we actually dipped that cake in the raspberry jam and it was to die for. We had the sparkling wine and it was lovely fresh to the sweet cake and the freshness of the jam.

At this point none of us was able to eat more:-) No doubt the box could have lasted several days, and I actually still have som cheese and sausage left and the cake and jam and some tomato sauce. I will no doubt order a box next time we are going to treat ourselves to something special:-)

Thanks to Sissi and her amazing team for giving good advice and for letting me have to opportunity to give my readers a special offer of 10% by using the discount code “FOODALISCIOUS”.

Go read about Originario on their website – you will be captured ny the enthusiasm and love for good food and where it comes from.